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MLD at VLCC: Do Slimming Treatments Work?


Weight loss treatments can be a total scam or a valuable compliment to a healthy lifestyle and diet. Either way, I have set out to try different weight loss treatments and give you objective results.

In my partnership with VLCC Qatar, I present to you the MLD treatment.


Name: MLD Treatment

Location: VLCC Duhail - Doha, Qatar

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Cost: 400QR

Weight Loss: 0lb

Most inches lost: -1” around abdomen


The 1.5-hour MLD treatment is designed to help with cellulite and water retention using:

Massaging (using gels & serums with natural ingredients)

Cling film wrap

Heat therapy


At the clinic a full body analysis was conducted - including my body fat, muscle mass, measurements, and weight.


The common procedure for weight loss treatments include a massage and sweating. Cling film is used in the sports industry to shed water weight fast, and can be used for short-term weight loss before an event. However, weight lost from sweating alone will be regained as soon as the body replenishes its water stores. Massaging is a fantastic way to smooth cellulite and displace fat giving the body a more toned and smooth appearance. MLD uses both methods to achieve short-term and long-term body shaping. For those that are very overweight, slimming treatments would work best with a fitness and nutrition plan.

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